Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fight global warming. Ride a bike!

According to a recent poll by Environmental Defense, 71 percent of Americans think global warming is real, 53 percent think human activities are to blame, 70 percent think it global warming can be reduced, and best of all 70 percent are willing to make lifestyle changes like driving less, BICYCLING, walking, taking public transportation, or carpooling!

All right, Pittsburgher's, now's your chance. Get linked in to the local bicycling community through Bike Pittsburgh, and Free Ride and start making a difference in global warming!

Link to the full story here as it appears in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Poll: Americans Ready To Fight Global Warming


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also be sure to check out this Article entitled The Next Green Revolution that appeared recently in Wired Magazine online.

"Consider the unmitigated ecological disaster that is the automobile. Every time you turn on the ignition, you're enmeshed in a system whose known outcomes include a polluted atmosphere, oil-slicked seas, and desert wars..."

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