Thursday, April 13, 2006

Newsflash: Allegheny County too car-friendly

Seems people are finally getting what we've been saying for years. Our region is facing SERIOUS issues as far as adult and especially childhood obesity is concerned. The reason? According to this article it's because our neighborhoods are being designed too often with only cars in mind.

It's true - poor urban design has been happening in this area for way too long. However, all the blame shouldn't only be put on Urban Designers and City Planners. Fingers should also be pointed at many federal, state, and local politicians, who for too long, have shown little interest in bike/ped-friendly communities.

Businesses can also step up to the plate. More corporations need to provide bicycle parking, showers and lockers for their employees. Local businesses should welcome people to shop by bike by installing bike racks outside their stores. Companies could also start providing commuter incentives to employees who ride their bikes X days a week to work. Healthcare companies could offer discounts on insurance to companies who have a certain percentage of their employees biking to work X days a year. The more people who ride their bikes every day, the more bike-friendly a place becomes. It's that simple.

If this is as big of a crisis as everyone seems to think it is, then everyone should pitch in and do whatever they can in making Pittsburgh more bike-friendly in order to keep our citizens (especially our children) safe and healthy.

By the way, thanks to all the companies such as Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, and REI who have purchased bike racks for their businesses, and the Sprout Fund and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership who were so foreward thinking to invest in bike racks for the city!



At 2:52 PM, Blogger Jes said...

Don't worry the cost of gas will make even those of us 40 miles out , one way, ride by bike in the next few months. The cost of eastern gas will be that of California soon enough. This area doesn't even have a sufficient train system for people to commute on forget the bus. That t-rail thing is light rail, insufficient.

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