Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We just keep growing, and growing...

This is not a news flash. America is suffering from an obesity epidemic that's costing us billions of dollars every year. According to a study done by Trust for America's Health, 31 states saw an increase in obesity over the past year. Truly horrifying is the rise in adult-onset diabetes amonst children. In fact, they've had to rename it Type II since it doesn't just appear in adults any longer.

Trust for America's Health makes plenty of recommendations in their report, but one stood out most to us here at Bike Pittsburgh:

At the local level, governments should approve zoning and land use laws that give people more chances to walk or bike to the store or to work. Local governments also should set aside more funding for sidewalks.

Wouldn't that be something! Obviously a major part of the problem is that we're living in communities that were designed solely for personal automobiles. Somewhere along the lines our planners forgot that the need to exercise on a daily basis is a basic human necessity and that people shouldn't have to belong to a private gym to be able to be mobile. They also seemed to have forgotten that millions of people can't afford or do not have the ability to drive (too young, too old, or disabled). Well, I think the time has come for communities to start to pay attention to the fact that we're killing ourselves while costing us billions in obesity related health costs.

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If you're interested in learning more, please consider attending the Childhood Obesity Summit at the convention center in Downtown Pittsburgh on September 16th.


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